2.0 Adjustments

We’ve been responding to customer feedback on our 2.0 platform (that’s the platform you are on right now). You may have noticed some of these changes already. They are subtle things, like:

  • Showing “Amount” in giving fields instead of “$1” as the default
  • Showing checkout options conditionally to simplify the process
  • Adding a “lost password” button within the checkout itself
  • Enabling an “Other” amount for event appeals
  • Enhanced ability to edit donor information in Accounts

There are also changes you should never notice, like an enhanced error tracking system that alerts us the instant any donor experiences an error and enables us to contact them with information and to secure the gift.

GivingTools has evolved based on the input of our customers. This platform is designed to maximize the good you can do in the world, and by helping us do our job better, you are helping hundreds of nonprofits by improving the system they use. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you think of a feature that would benefit your donors.