2.0 Migration is Easy

A major new version of GivingTools was released December 2017. GivingTools 2.0 offers enhanced functionality…and you can migrate for no added cost. So, the $14.95 you pay to BluePay currently covers your account, whether you are in 1.0 or 2.0.

We’ve pre-migrated all 1.0 accounts, so you can log in, check things out, clean things up, and modify your account to take advantage of 2.0’s awesome features.

Once you are happy with how your giving page, appeals, and forms look, simply share your new url. You would also need to re-embed any embedded appeals with giving forms from the 2.0 system. That’s it. For security reasons, you will also want to have your 1.0 traffic redirected to your 2.0 system. By default, we will redirect everything to your giving page. But If you’d like something more special (e.g. a specific giving form), let us know!

Don’t want to switch just yet? Just don’t share your 2.0 URL.

To check out 2.0, login here. That will get you into your 2.0 account.

See features you’d like to have added? Questions? Just let us know. As always, we value your feedback, and we try to be as responsive as possible to maximize the usefulness of our platform.